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For a complete list of changes:
Upstream maintenance...
Loads of fixes and updates. Check out the gummyrom link above for more details
Fix bootloop issue in kernel
Merged with upstream. Looks like we are going to be moving to milestone 2 soon.
Officially supported
Starting weekly updates
Gummy interface got a MAJOR overhaul, init.d scripts added to interface, and much more.
Kernel improvements. For more details Skyrocket Lightning Zap! kernel
Should get notification via goo app. Note that sometimes it times out while downloading. This is on the goo server side. To help avoid this, make sure you are using WiFi instead of network, and try downloading during non-peak hours like early morning.
A few upstream updates
Lightning Zap! kernel version now at 4.4-4
Removed mpdecision from kernel. Testing battery life and low latency issues
Check out the LockClock updates. Updated with upstream and has 5 day popup after tapping on weather in widget
Let me know if you guys get the update notification from goo
Initial build for the Skyrocket. Milestone 1 v4.4.2
Includes and always will include the latest version of Lightning Zap! kernel

Bug Tracker
Camcorder is broke

Hopefully will work for update notifications on next build
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