-Hopefully fix voltage for "faster" binned chips
-Fixed random reboots when using intellidemand governor
-Fix scripts
-Disable intellidemand's active max frequency to prevent it from interfering with overclock
-Enable additional TCP congestion algorithms (thanks iHateWebOS)
-Sync s2w/dt2w/pocket detection with Beastmode
-Add Preservative governor (credits to bedalus)
-Update BFQ I/O Scheduler to v7r2
-Merge latest CM commits
-Merge crpalmer's latest commits
-Update to Linux 3.4.79
-Add LZ4 kernel compression/decompression for faster boot
-I think I forgot to mention this before, but I am now using a Cortex a-15 optimized Linaro toolchain.

-Dynamic Fsync (Enable this only if you are sure your device is stable! If you have too many reboots, your data may get corrupted and you will have to reflash your ROM.)
-Simple GPU Governor
-Intelliplug hotplug driver with Eco mode (dual core operations). When this is disabled, it will use crpalmer's hot-plug driver.
-Intellidemand tweaks - I'm still working on this one, it tends to have random reboots at the moment.
-Decrease GPU OC to 533 MHz and increase bandwidth
-1917 MHz overclock is back, should be more stable now
-Sweep2wake + Sweep2Sleep
-Doubletap2sleep is not implemented in this version, sorry. Use your ROM's dt2s feature for now. I do plan on adding this back.
-Doubletap2wake can be used anywhere on the screen
-There should be scripts for all features, let me know if I missed something.
-Undervolt override for high overclocks. You can globally undervolt while leaving 1836 MHz, 1890 MHz, and 1917 MHz clocks unaffected.
-L2 cache overclock
-600 MHz bus overclock for 1674 MHz - 1917 MHz frequencies
-Support for F2FS filesystem (F2FS TWRP and MultiROM are coming as well, as soon as I have time to test)
-FIOPS I/O Scheduler
-Now only one kernel zip
-GPU overclock is set with /sdcard/jamiethemorris-gpu-oc between 400 and 550 MHz. Default is 400.
-New wheatley governor
-Some more optimizations

-Fixed video undderrun (blue flickering) issue with GPU overclock
-Updated FauxSound to 2.1
-Now only 2 kernel zips. One is stock GPU clock and the other is for 450 and 500 mhz overclocks. Default is 500 on the OC version.
-New governors: intellidemand, intelliactive, smartassV2, lagfree, badass, Lionheart
-New I/O Schedulers: zen, vr
-Improved touchscreen sensitivity - If this causes problems for people I will revert it.
-SLIMbus overclock which should in theory improve audio quality
-Various performance optimizations, see github for full details
-Switch linaro optimization level from -03 to -0fast
-A few other optimizations, see github for full details Up to 500 mhz GPU overclock. For now, there are 3 different downloads depending on what GPU frequency you want - stock (400 mhz), 450 mhz, and 500 mhz. There are no other changes, so if you don't want a GPU overclock there is no need to update to this version. Up to 1890 mhz CPU overclock Added FauxSound
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