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Size! only have about 10GB available (pity there is no way to get into that other 6 gig) so after doing a nadroid (4gig) and Titanium backup (1 gig) with apps and things I'm left with only about 2 gig for movies etc which equals 2 movies at most, so yes size is the biggest issue, thats one of the reason I want to go over to CM or SlimKat (when they have stable builds... tried SK RC1 yesterday but its very 'buggy' kept freezing and rebooting my phone), cos the ROM size difference is quite big with stock based roms you can get away with about 1 gig, with CM/AOSP roms you can get away with about 300mb which is a nice space saving especially when space is limited like it is on the 16 gig G2.
You still won't have the full 14 gigs...
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