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  • Nope no need for an extSD card.(advisable to get one incase of mishaps) - Just don't wipe internal memory if you plan to flash directly from your internal SD!
  • All TW functions are intact unless ROM Dev says otherwise - Aroma set up wizard will guide you through.. and those you don't want you can freeze with TiB
  • You can use TB fixer to restore your backups without issue
  • Full wipe all the way, fixes 99% of any potential issues
Wow that was fast.

is TB fixer an app?or a TB functionality? I haven't really played with TB yet. Will it be much easier if I made backups and then just store the backups on my pc and then do a full wipe and then restore the backups after flashing Omega? I find that the most straightforward approach but then again, things might be different in the Android community