Default Movin' to Xperia SP

Hello everybody here! Yesterday i've bought my new smartphone, A SONY XPERIA SP, So I have some projects about get in developers world, for now i'm a simple flasher/tester. Now i'll move my projects from my old and warrior Xperia Neo V because i'll give it to my mother

For a moment i was think to buy the Moto G but the lacks of microSD and their weak SoC makes me discard this smartphone

Now, tell how is the performance, camera quality, benchmarks poins and the most important to me: BATTERY LIFE!

Is a great upgrade from Xperia Neo V to Xperia SP no? Is my return to mid-high end devices after one year since I sold my Xperia TX

PD: The developments threads here don't have too many activities if we compare vs Xperia 2011 devices, maybe is because Sony still give support to SP

PD2: I need to wait probably 2 or 3 months to the arrival from USA to my house in Venezuela, Thanks to my Fu#$? courier
Smarphones history:

Device:Sony Xperia SP C5303 White/Silver
Android Version: 4.4.4 "Kit Kat"
Current ROM: CyanogenMod 11 Nightlies
Kernel: 3.4.0 CyanogenMod Provided
Bootloader: UNLOCKED!

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