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Q.) How do I use Xposed, Gravity Box, and Sense 5 Toolbox?
A.) Open the Xposed Installer
Tap Framework > Update/Install
Grant Su permissions at prompt
Reboot (FULL REBOOT is needed, not soft reboot)
Open Xposed Installer > Modules, and enable the Sense 5 Toolbox and Gravity Box Modules
FULL Reboot and then make changes and reboot once more
Q.) This is a great ROM. Thanks for the hard work Santod. First time I have used xposed framework.
Not all of the features of the sense toolbox or gravity box work but I really enjoy playing around with it.
I know it is made for multiple devices too so I don't expect it to be 100% anyways.
The reason for that is mainly this:
Gravity Box is mostly intended for Aosp/GE based roms.
Sense 5 Toolbox is intended for Sense based roms.
This particular rom is not completely either one, it's a mix.
So the features that work from those modules, will also be a mix.
Hope that helps explain why that is at least a little.
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