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Morning all,

I've been having issues with my Nexus 5 and previous nexus 4 whilst on three UK.

Basically Sometimes data will stall on the up arrow only. I drag down the control menu from the top and the icon is showing signal strength and a sporadic up arrow. It either resolves itself after 2-3 mins or I have to put airplane mode on and off.

It's happened in areas of lots of users (Stansted airport) and areas with not alot (where I live)

I also think the error doesn't occur with an ee sim in the nexus 4 as the wife hasn't moaned yet.

Anyone had anything similar or fixed this?

Many thanks

Common issue I find on Three where the signal strength shows full but actually it can be a blackspot or a dip in connectivity. had this on My Nexus 5 and SGS 3. Nothing you can do but either wait or turn off and on mobile data.

Another Dan
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