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Hi, I've a sony Lww want to buy a new Sp.. I read a lots of post in some forums talking about problems and more problems regarding this amazing phone and I have some fear to buy because of these comments. What yours suggest me on this? Any people here have one and can tell me about it? Did yours recommend it?
i prefer hard multitasking , high end gaming ,..
i m always connected to the Wifi so i need good battery backup
n music ( ofcoz )

what is u r reviews upon this phone
as consider my need
All your requirements are met ok, EXCEPT multitasking.

There is nothing wrong with processor or RAM, but the software (currently 4.1.2) makes a mess of things pretty often. Things close all of a sudden, specially when multiple tabs in browsers, this phone suffers from amnesia...
if u clear recent apps list, walkman closes...

BUT, all of these are expected to be fixed in upcoming 4.3 in a few days. I suggest you wait for that, and then ask us what happened.
Other than that, amazing speed, super fast gaming, awesome battery backup, rich sound and music experience.