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Zeta_Chromium kernel is a Nexus 5 custom kernel.

However, its functionality is rich but stable.

My desired kernel must be the most stable and smooth running, so I don't consider any over-clocking or CPU overload.

Because I want a usable kernel only without performance consideration, I created this custom kernel.

[COLOR="Red"]I won't assume responsibility for any problems caused by this kernel.[/COLOR]

This kernel uses your own ramdisk. During installation, it will automatically perform both unpacking and repacking.

For convenient installation and display of content, I chose the Aroma installer.

If you want to use F2FS follow this thread
F2FS (born Flash-Friendly File System) - file system, focused on the use of flash memory!
And if you want to use my kernel on F2FS , first you must install this thread's kernel!

Chagelog V3.0
* Linux 3.4.86
* PM: Introduce suspend state PM_SUSPEND_FREEZE
* PM / QoS: Fix deadlock during PM QoS vote to default value
* optimize linux/compiler.h
* ARM: Introduce arch_read_hardware_id
* usb: gadget: Fix synchronization issue between f_audio_source
* msm: socinfo: Introduce soc string
* msm: socinfo: populate arch_read_hardware_id
* leds: At disable, set the trigger to default instead of wiping it
* byteorder: allow arch to opt to use GCC intrinsics for byteswapping
* mm: various update
* msm: bam_dmux: various update
* backlight: scale max current when the brightness level is below 15 instead of using always 0.
* sched/fair: Optimize find_busiest_queue()
* sched/fair: Optimize cgroup pick_next_task_fair()
* introduction intelli_plug (thanks to @faux123)
* ksm: check and skip page, if it is already scanned
* sched: merge faux's commit
* hammerhead: gpiomux: Fix observed current leak while boot up
* ARM: dts: msm8974: Reduce retention voltages
* arm/crypto: Add optimized AES and SHA1 routines
* merge franco git various code
* etc.. if you want to see more, check github

Download link

previous version


Based upon Google's msm 3.4 source (mr1)

Linux 3.4.86

Compiled with gcc4.8.3 toolchain (linaro 14.03)

TCP Congestion control

Snapdragon & CortexA15 optimizations

add frandom

cooler color preset

gamma control support

faux sound support

USB fastcharge

CIFS support

exFAT support

i/o schedulers: FIOPS, SIO, CFQ, NOOP, ROW, deadline, Zen, VR

max screen off frequency

CPU governors: ondemand, ondemandplus, lazy, dancedance, wheatley, intellidemand, interactive, conservative, powersave, performance, nightmare, pegasusq, intelliactive and hyper

GPU governors: ondemand, simple

voltage control


doubletap2wake (pwrkey suspend)

kexec multirom support

sdcardfs file system

dynamic fsync

backlight dimmer option

F2FS support



and etc.


1. Download Zeta_Chromium-kernel
2. Install zip from recovery
3. Follow the instructions






@flar2 (backlight dimmer, max screen off frequency, cooler color preset)

@faux123 (voltage control, GPU governors: simple, faux sound support, USB fastcharge, intellidemand, dynamic fsync, intelli_plug)

@showp1984 (doubletap2wake, sweep2wake)


Version Information
Status: V3.0

Created 2014-01-30
Last Updated 2014-04-09
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