Arrow [ROM][XXUGNA5][4.3][CWM] Sammy's Stock (Deodexed/Rooted/Zipaligned/Busyboxed/Init)

Model: GT-I9300
Country: Switzerland
Version: Android 4.3
Changelist: 2429075
Build date: Thu, 16 Jan 2014 14:53:58 +0000
Product Code: AUT
  • Ultra zipped (1,15 GB into 750 MB)
  • Rooted (SuperSU 1.91)
  • Deodexed ([Bak]smali 2.0.3)
  • Zipaligned (R22.3)
  • Busybox (1.22.1)
  • ArchiDroid Init.d

Standard CSC included, as per community request.

This release has been possible thanks to reworked JustArchi's Android Kitchen. Init.d is indepdendent, kernel bundled with ROM isn't modified in any way.

Nothing else has been made/changed. No apps removed. No KNOX. This is one-time release. You can use Rom Cleaner for fast debloat. This is the "base" for upcoming ArchiDroid 1.7.8, so if you're looking for something more advanced feel free to try my "monster" .

Modem comes in standalone package, rom itself does not change your modem by default.

Previous releases:

This ROM uses new set_metadata permissions. Up-to-date recovery is required - initial support was added in CWM!

This ROM doesn't work with EFS V1, you need EFS V2 (XXEMG4+) modem to use it!
(Unless you're running modified custom kernel)

This is "No Wipe" ROM but I can't assure you that you won't run into problems without wiping. In case of issues - Wipe Data/Factory Reset.
This is a big rom, be patient during flahsing and booting.

Download: MEGA | Dev-Host
Standalone XXUGMK6 Modem: MEGA | Dev-Host

Have fun, hit thanks if I deserve it .


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