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First of all, Im using a nexus 4 and this issue occurs when i install Titanium no matter what rom i am using.

When i install TB, the app works and everything but it doesn't create the Backup folder in /sdcard where all other stuff is like (the music folder, where you put your movies, roms etc etc)

Here is a screenshot of where it creates the backup folder --------> http://imgur.com/Vybd6sY <------ Also i might add, if i delete that folder, it wipes my sd card.

Here is where it creates the backup folder inside "storage" (which doesn't exist until i install TB) http://i.imgur.com/kawfvWb.png inside that folder is http://i.imgur.com/pALplDk.jpg and inside that is http://i.imgur.com/HbvTLc5.jpg

Or am i stupid and this is supposed to happen?
It's supposed to happen.

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