Default Busybox cant be updated???

OK, so Im on stock VS98012B, rooted, and thats it. Nothing special here. Busybox is installed in /sbin/, not /system/xbin/.

When I use an app to install an updated Busybox, such as 1.22.1-Stericson, everything works fine. It deletes the one from /sbin/, and installs the new one to /system/xbin/. All is peachy, until a reboot, in which it reverts back to the original Busybox version/location, as if nothing ever happened.

Original: 1.19.3-cm7
New: 1.22.1-Stericson

I have a couple apps that dont want to run unless I update Busybox.

Ive tried everything I can think of, including doing it by hand in Root Explorer, and fixing permissions on the new files and everything, even replacing the original in /sbin/ with the new one, and giving it the same permissions. But low and behold, on a reboot, it just goes back to where it was. WHATS GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!!! AGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! (pulls last hair out of head)....
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