Default {Xperia P} FAQ and Q&A thread for CARBON ROM by Abhinav2

1. When will the bugs be fixed?

-- We are trying our best to fix the bugs present and we hope to do so ASAP.

2. How often will you provide updates?

-- I'll try to provide as soon as possible but due to studies the updates may take some time

3. How can I help you?

-- Try to post more of logcats of errors and submit patches If you really like it consider donating TeamBlueRidge( @kalaker @insink71 @simonsimons34 )(check my signature) as they supported me a lot for this.

4. Which gApps to use?

-- I recommend these-

5. Why is the proximity sensor on all the time?

-- Its a feature of carbon known as pocket mode. It doesn't take much battery but still if you want you can turn it off by going to Settings->Carbon Fibres->Lock Screen-> Notifications and uncheck pocket mode.

6. How to access developer options?

-- Go to About Phone in settings and tap Build Number 8-10 times.

7. Why is this feature of Carbon Fibers not working?

-- Carbon fibers are still being ported to 4.4 so may not work properly.

8. Is HALO present in the ROM?

-- Not for now but its being ported to it


You can ask questions about the rom here too!

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