Default [ROM][AOSPA][HALO][PIE][PEEK] Unofficial ParanoidAndroid 4.3 Nightlies (Vanilla or HALO) [BETA 6]


As of right now, these builds do not include Hover. The ParanoidAndroid team is still cleaning up the source code and will release it when they see fit. As soon as they do, I'll include it in my builds. Pie AND Peek are now included.

I've been making nightly builds of ParanoidAndroid for a while, and I figured I might as well share them for anyone who's interested. Some people are interested in just the latest nightlies with the merged codes from the gerrit, and for them I have a clean build with exactly that. Whatever changes are officially merged in gerrit are in these nightlies. However, I know some people, including myself, are also interested in using Halo on my Nexus 5. For those people, I also have a build that is exactly the same, but with Halo added. Download whichever you're interested in!

I didn't change anything from the PA team, so the kernel and everything else is the PA team's work. Depending on the latest merges, I may or may not edit a few lines so that Halo still works with the newest changes.

Your warranty is now void. Use at your own risk.
In other words: It is your choice to use this software,
I am not responsible for any damage or problems you may have.

For the latest changes added, check the merged section of the PA gerrit, found here. You can also check my most recent post in the thread. With every new build, I'll post a changelog and direct link to the builds in the thread.

Installation instructions:

Coming from another ROM
1. Do a nandroid backup (enter recovery -> backup)
2. Wipe system, data, and cache
3. Flash ROM + Gapps
4. Reboot and enjoy

Coming from official ParanoidAndroid or an older nightly
1. Do a nandroid backup
2. Flash ROM
3. Reboot and enjoy

- Latest nightlies with Halo uploaded to my Google Drive - Latest nightly:

- Latest nightlies without Halo uploaded to my Google Drive - Latest nightly:

- PA Gapps

Note: I won't build and upload a new nightly if there's nothing new to add. If there isn't a new nightly for the day, then check the gerrit before PMing me to ask for a new build.

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ParanoidAndroid team and anyone who helps them

If you particularly enjoy these builds, and you find yourself feeling generous, feel free to buy me a snack with my donation link. If not, I'm just happy knowing some of you guys like these.

Note: if you see anything in the open section of the gerrit that you want in a build, PM me and I'll try my best to get you your very own build with it included.

XDA:DevDB Information
[ROM][AOSPA] Unofficial ParanoidAndroid 4.3 Nightlies (with and without HALO) [BETA], ROM for the Google Nexus 5

ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
Based On: ParanoidAndroid

Version Information
Status: Beta
Current Stable Version: 4.3
Stable Release Date: 2014-04-28
Current Beta Version: 2
Beta Release Date: 2014-04-30

Created 2014-02-07
Last Updated 2014-05-23
Nexus 5: Personal Paranoid Android nightly build
HTC One: Paranoid Android official beta
Samsung Infuse 4g: Beanstalk
My personal nightly builds from Paranoid Android source

With Halo: Nightly folder
Without Halo: Nightly folder

Also, you can check out the thread for updates and info.
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