1. Updated UI
2. Fixed camera
3. Updated libraries
4. Merged sources
5. New Mods
6. Build.prop tweaks
7. Removed/added apps
8. Bug fixes
9. Better battery life
10. FASTER!!

1. Updated libraries
2. Updated apps
3. Removed Slim dialer/contacts (keeping CM versions)
4. Merged sources
5. Slim Gapps added
6. New ringtones/notifications/alarms

1. updated libraries
2. updated camera
3. updated dialer / contacts (from Slim)
4. updated keyboard (from Slim)
5. updated trebuchet launcher
6. removed GEL launcher
7. cleaned up some code
8. bug fixes
9. removed mods / tweaks (so you could install what you like..)

1. CM 11 source synced as of 31/01
2. Added burst mode to Camera
3. Added External storage option to Camera
4. A lot of features from CM (lock animation and stuff)
5. Lockscreen widgets can be used in Low RAM now.
6. Removed live wallpaper
7. Removed unused apps

Additional features
* Modified build.prop and init.d (v2.9.0)
* Mi file manager
* Gel launcher (v2.9.0)
* Trebuchet launcher
* Slim's Keyboard
* Slim's Dialer (v2.9.1)
* Slim's Contacts (v2.9.1)
i9023 Nexus S

CyanAOSP KitKat (4.4.2) [port]

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