Hi lauchi,

You shouldn't have that problem with this kitchen as it is posted.

Assuming you built a "net new" kitchen after extracting an official HTC ROM, I suspect you may not have removed some of the post-customization entries. Have a look at the following folders (packages):


They typically contain .TXT and .PROVXML configuration files that initiate post-customization actions.

In this kitchen, the files in these folders have been modified such that very little actions occur. You can find the original versions of the files in packages that begin with DEVICE_. The DEVICE_CUSTOMIZED_ package (as per my notes) is the package you should use to tailor some of the ROM settings.

Device 1 & 2: HTC Rhodium (aka TouchPRO2/Tilt2)
Device 3 & 4: Apple N89 (aka iPhone 4)

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