Default [Q] battery usage in 4.3 samsung based roms

My issue with Samsung 4,3 based roms is this:

Badass battery monitor always shows kernel on top of my battery usage charts. Normally on 4.1.2 based roms the kernel would run for about 12-15 minutes over the course of battery being used form 100 to about 10 % but on 4.3 on the same usage kernel is runnning for close to an hour. Also Android OS always tops my battery drainage charts irrespective of what kernel plus rom I use.

With the same set of apps I had pretty good battery life on 4.1.2 but not so good on 4.3.

BBS also does not show any weird behavior.

Any pointers as to how I can prevent kernel usage from being so high?

Current Device: Samsung Galaxy S3 [GT-i9300]

Old Devices: Samsung Galaxy R[GT-i9103] , Nokia 5233 , SE k750i , Nokia 2110