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This is the output of cat proc/emmc after the firmware update:
dev:        size     erasesize name
mmcblk0p23: 000ffa00 00000200 "misc"
mmcblk0p22: 00fffe00 00000200 "recovery"
mmcblk0p21: 01000000 00000200 "boot"
mmcblk0p36: 88000000 00000200 "system"
mmcblk0p30: 00140200 00000200 "local"
mmcblk0p37: 0dfffc00 00000200 "cache"
mmcblk0p38: 2f0000000 00000200 "userdata"
mmcblk0p26: 01400000 00000200 "devlog"
mmcblk0p28: 00040000 00000200 "pdata"
mmcblk0p34: 01900000 00000200 "carrier"
mmcblk0p39: 05dffc00 00000200 "fat"
mmcblk0p31: 00010000 00000200 "extra"
mmcblk0p35: 047e9800 00000200 "reserve"
mmcblk0p17: 02d00000 00000200 "radio"
mmcblk0p18: 00a00000 00000200 "adsp"
mmcblk0p16: 00100000 00000200 "dsps"
mmcblk0p19: 00500000 00000200 "wcnss"
mmcblk0p20: 007ffa00 00000200 "radio_config"
mmcblk0p24: 00400000 00000200 "modem_st1"
mmcblk0p25: 00400000 00000200 "modem_st2"
mmcblk0p32: 00040000 00000200 "skylink"
mmcblk0p33: 00040000 00000200 "cdma_record"
mmcblk0p35: 047e9800 00000200 "reserve"
Block 38 is now all userdata, and serves as emulated storage at /data/media rather than the previous (odd) setup where /data was at block 37 and was only 2GB, and block 38 was formatted as FAT and as an SD card. I think this way makes a lot more sense, personally, and is consistent with how the newer devices and Android versions handle storage.

The ramdisk setup for the new storage setup is below:
    # setup the global environment
    # See storage config details at
    mkdir /mnt/shell/emulated 0700 shell shell
    mkdir /storage/emulated 0555 root root
    mkdir /storage/ext_sd 0000 system system
    mkdir /storage/usb 0000 system system

    export EXTERNAL_STORAGE /storage/emulated/legacy
    export EMULATED_STORAGE_SOURCE /mnt/shell/emulated
    export EMULATED_STORAGE_TARGET /storage/emulated

    # Support legacy paths
    symlink /storage/emulated/legacy /sdcard
    symlink /storage/emulated/legacy /mnt/sdcard
    symlink /storage/emulated/legacy /storage/sdcard0
    symlink /mnt/shell/emulated/0 /storage/emulated/legacy

    export EXTERNAL_STORAGE2 /storage/ext_sd
    export EXTERNAL_STORAGE3 /storage/ext_sd
    export EXTERNAL_STORAGE4 /storage/usb
    export EXTERNAL_STORAGE5 /storage/usb

    # create mountpoints
        symlink /storage/ext_sd /sdcard2
        symlink /storage/usb /mnt/usb

  • Phantom app icons may appear in app drawer after uninstalling certain applications. This appears to be related to apps that install automatically to sd. NOTE: This is an issue with the base. Workarounds: Uninstall phantom apps from app drawer by dragging icon to the top of the screen, or hide the phantom app icons.
  • Airplane Mode Toggle (Widget) opens Settings instead of toggling Airplane Mode - this is a bug in the base

NEW Official TWRP thread
CUSTOM TWRP VERSIONS (starting with, both old and new partition layouts are supported)

4.13.651.4 Firmware + TWRP Recovery (deprecated) (red dev text removed from HBOOT)
NOTE: After flashing this, you will need to follow one of the procedures here to flash the ROM.

2.10.0000 HBOOT (red dev text removed) Only

Firewater HBOOT 2.10.5555 (based on 4.13.651.3 update)

4.13.651.4 Sense 5 Android 4.3 - Odex

4.13 651.4 Sense 5 Android 4.3 - Deodex


Old Downloads
TWRP Recovery
TWRP Recovery (Bootloader-Flashable zip)
TWRP Recovery | Mirror
Updated Holofied theme
TWRP Recovery (updated for latest s4/Jewel CM commits)
Holofied theme: thanks @z31s1g for this theme and keeping it updated!
TWRP Recovery
Holofied theme:
2.10.0000 HBOOT (red dev text removed) + TWRP Recovery Only
Recovery Only - TWRP with updated partition layout (.img file) | Bootloader-Flashable | TWRP w/updated curtain - thanks to BD619
4.13.651.3 Sense 5 Android 4.3 - Odex
4.13 651.3 Sense 5 Android 4.3 - Deodex | Mirror (Please only use if Dev Host link is down)
4.13.651.1 Firmware
Alternative: PJ75IMG firmware zip w/recovery included - thanks to adonwenas
4.13.651.1 Sense 5 Android 4.3 - Odex
4.13 651.1 Sense 5 Android 4.3 - Deodex


Mods (system mods are for Deodexed ROM only unless otherwise specified in the post that contains them)

services.jar w/signature check disabled - thanks to Sinistertensai | Update for 4.13.651.4 - thanks to FusionX

Advanced Power Menu, Prism w/expanded grid size & menu support - Thanks to Sinistertensai

Camera Button Screen Wake - Thanks to FinZ28, O.M.J

SystemUI with Location reticle removed (flashable) - thanks to drob311

SystemUI with Location reticle removed & 1x/3G Mod (flashable) - thanks to drob311 | Updated mod for 4.13.651.4 - thanks to ahecht

Hack for Native Sprint Hotspot - UPDATED - thanks to nfinitefx45, FesterCluck
NOTE: May cause data connectivity issues
NOTE 2: Only works on 3G. For tether app that works on 4G, see this post.

Disable NFC Icon (Guide) - thanks to litlepyro | Flashable - thanks to drob311

Mail w/Exchange Security Disabled | Flashable - thanks to phillymade

Enable Horizontal Quick Settings (Guide) - thanks to FusionX

Rearrange Quick Settings (Guide) - thanks to nfinitefx45

SystemUI updated w/customizable themed Horizontal Quick Settings - thanks to Sinistertensai | Flashlight Toggle Fix thanks to chubbzlou, SupermanTW for posting
Update w/White Circle Battery Icon - thanks to FusionX

Adjust Signal Bars to show Voice Strength vs Data (Guide) - thanks to markb629

How to Enable Shutter Sound toggle in Camera (must be done prior to first boot) - Guide

Blue Icons in Settings - thanks to lreyes

EPST modified to allow Manual PRL updates - thanks to nfinitefx45

30 Step Volume Mod - thanks to nfinitefx45

Percent Battery Mod - thanks to ahecht

Text Battery Percentage Mod (Remove icon) - thanks to nfinitefx45

Roam only Mod - thanks to nfinitefx45

Wake on SMS/MMS mod - thanks to nfinitefx45

Percent Battery Mod (OMJ Sense) - thanks to thecarp1975

Sense 5 Toolbox (requires Xposed Installer/Framework)

Xposed Status Bar Mods - Sense (requires Xposed Installer/Framework)
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