Default Fix wi-fi and overclocked kernel for maclaw studio cyanogenmod 11

here we go how to fix wifi issu and how to use overclocked kernel for maclow studio 11

¤ beaware:
>oc kernel is highly unstable on aosp rom of alberto so dont use it

> dont know whethere this method works on your rom or any other rom so give it try at your own risk
>because oc kernel phone feels somewhat warm and some more battery drain but performance will be greater than ever

>you can use hotplug deadline and cpu dreq from 200-1150 to reduce battery drain

>generally wifi works great but some times if doesn't starts then go to recocery wipe cache reboot it will be ok

>warning : i am not way responsible for any kind of damage to u r device

>great thanx to alberto for aosp modules(fix wifi issue) and DaRkRhiN for process

>download these modules files (these are system - lib-modules file of aosp rom by alberto) if you have aosp rom you can extract system-lib-modules file or download

>download oc kernel 3.0.101 by cocafe

>now open maclow cm 11 rom on windows pc
delete boot.image and paste downloded oc kernel bootimage

>now go to system>libs>modules>delete all files and paste all downloded modules files

>now exit zip file -put it in sd card -go to recovary do all wipes flash modified maclow rom zip+gapps package


>go to wifi- go to advanced -enable scanning always available
thats it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and feel the fastness of oc kernel booooooooomb boooooooomb boooooomb........
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