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Hey guys,
I have little knowledge about phones, rooting, custom firmwares, roms and stuff. So help me out here please. I recently updated my xperia Z to the official 4.3 update and my phone was rooted at this time.

So i updated my phone without any hassle, my phone got unrooted and a whole bunch of problems started happening. After the update half my apps don't work anymore especially the stock apps, whenever i open album,movies it closes the app and says "unfortuantely album/movies has stopped".

It's even happening with games liek subway surfers stopped working, the games that require me to connect to google games or something doesn't connect. It's a really frustrating problem, but other stock apps like walkman and camera are working fine. Track Id is having the same problem. It's really weird and annoying.

I would really appreciate if anyone can help me out with this.
I think the only thing to fix this is to do a fresh install. you will have to reinstall everything and likely hope you have save files etc for important stuff. Either use flashtool or a repair is PC companion
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