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12th February 2014, 06:26 AM |#116  
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so I decided to do some research on my own and test out different cables and charging blocks. In the test i have the stock 1.2a n5 block, and samsung 2a block from a galaxy tab 3 7.0.

measurements are estimates while plugged directly into phone and current widget set to 1 second intervals just like bacon did.

n5 cable with n5 block - 1000 to 1100mA
samsung cable with samsung block - 700 to 800

-n5 cable with samsung block - starts at 1600 to 1700 then stabalizes around 1200
okay so the samsung cable sucks but the block is good.

cable that came with the tilted qi charger and samsung block - 400 to 500
saw that coming..

I then tried various other cables I had around the house from god know what devices and most of them were around 800 to 1000, so better then the Samsung cable but not as good as the n5 cable. I even had a super old mini usb cable with a Motorola mini to micro adapter that put out 1000ma with the Samsung block.

So knowing that the n5 cable is the best one I own I then tried it with the tilted qi. Using the samsung block I got around 700 with spikes just under 800. Basically it would stay between 650 and 730 and have some spikes close to 800 for just a second. So I then tried it with the n5 block and got exactly the same! I kept switching back and forth b/w the n5 1.2a block and the samsung 2a block and so absolutely no difference.

So in conclusion I think the n5 cable and block is about all my qi can take... and my daughter gets to keep her charging block.
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