Default Broken display, need to access storage from computer

Hi all, my S3's display shattered and the touchscreen doesn't work, and I can't see anything. I need to get the files on it onto my computer, but I have a lockscreen enabled so I'd have to unlock my phone for my computer to mount it. Obviously that isn't possible since the screen is broken.

I do have ADB enabled (I think/hope, i know I used titanium so I'm pretty sure I enabled it), so is there any way I can access it through there? I don't need my custom rom intact, so I could possibly wipe my phone from recovery, and then it should automount on a fresh boot. Could someone provide cwm instructions for me? I have the latest version installed, but without the display I don't know what to press. Something like "volume down, volume down, power button, volume down, etc" would really help.

many thanks
Devices: ATT Samsung Galaxy S3 i747, ATT HTC Inspire 4g (international: Desire HD, retired)

Samsung galaxy s3: if you're having issues rebooting after flashing 4.3 roms, then go stock, wipe a few times, and reroot. Also make sure your bootloader is updated.