New RedKitKat 2.0 18.02.2014 --

* many assets (in settings and apps)
* nice red color bars
* stock Xperia Launcher icons and colors
* app drawer icons
* trash can and trash lid icon
* many other visual addons

* lockscreen wallpaper
* home screen wallpapers
* theme accent color (red)

* navigation bar transparency
* navigation bar icons
* status bar transparency

* many icons, png's and assets changed
* new phonebook button according to. theme

Install like any other app.
It'll not overwrite (if you have) my other themes.


* RedKitKat_2.0.1
- checkboxes are fixed and it's easier now to see difference in "on" and "off" mode.
- added red bar for dark theme (if you are using ROM with dark settings and systemUI or in Xposed framework app (in light and dark ROMs)
- dialogs bar themed - red bars added

* RedKitKat_2.0
- all png redrawed
- added phonebook assets (new call button and phone icon)
- added highlights on settings titles
- optimised and smaller size (removed unnecessary support for mdpi and xhdpi devices 
- added original Z1 framework background png (semc_bg and semc_bg_light)
- tnx to Niaboc79 theme is better visual and better optimised 
- added new wallpapers and lockescreen wallpapers (it's not KutKat wallpaper there anymore)
- fixed off and disabled btn
- added new chkbox for state "on"

* RedKitKat_1.0.0
- test release
- fixed png's in android asset
- fixed phonebook visual style (back to stock android dark color with slightly modified png according to theme)
- removed red png's in android asset
- fixed error in public.xml (systemUI asset)

* RedKitKat_1.0.0
- initial release


SCREENSHOTS - changes in 2.0.1

RedKitKat 2.0

RedKitKat 2.0.1

I have spent many hours to build this theme so, if you like it - HIT TNX BUTTON


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