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[Alpha] Build 1 -->
- Include latest kumquat/lotus/pepper/nypon common repositories and patches
- Latest ReVolt source
- Autofocus might work in this alpha

[Alpha] Build 2 -->
- Workaround from ReVolt Control
- Boot cwm
- Wipe data,cache and dalvik cache
- Flash ROM
- Flash GApps
- Reboot

- Boot cwm
- Wipe cache and dalvik cache
- Flash update
- Reboot

... As ReVolt github keeps in constant update with major bug-fixes and updates,in this early builds is recommended to wipe data when updating to build x to build y ...

- @New Macław for build server and OMX patch
- @munjeni
- @95A31 for his awesome work with bluetooth
- @Andrewasth for vendor and upping rom from the server
- @Gava97 (the last is always the best,i think to have said all)

Rules for posting a bug :
- Your bug report (except for this build), must be with a logcat, i do not accept things like :
" My pHoNe ExPlOdED LiKE a CREPAAR !กก "
" I CAnnot TaKe A PiCtUrE"
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