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I plan to upgrade my tf300t to cm11. But now i met some problem

my tf300t is using 4.2.1, and bootloader is ww_epad-

first i unlock the device, then i fastboot twrp v2.6.3.0 in it(I tried several versions, twrp or recovery, but all of those couldn't read internal memory or ext sd card. only this version is ok)

then i wipe data and made it factory reset

finally i choose cm11 to install, and then it told that error flashing zip

and now when i boot the device, it won't go to the android system but go to twrp by itself

what should i do now? should i root it before i install cm11?

How did you do a factory reset??? From twrp??

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I think I see whats going on here.. I need a little more info... So you cant mount anything from twrp... and it just boot into twrp every time??? Can you get to your bootloader screen?? Can your PC see your devices in fastboot... What is the OS of you PC