Default [SM-N900W] Device Name Change

I have noticed that when we 900w8 users flash a tmo or int. Rom it always says out device is either a 900t or a 9005. I know this all comes from the build.prop. can we edit this son it says 900w8 or will that mess with other functions, and if we can edit it what is the proper way of doing it.

MB865/ST-ATT/4.4.2 BMM
SM-N900W8/ST/Rooted knox 0x0 w/cwm xnote 9
SM-N900w8/StraightTalk/ Rooted/ 0x0/ViSiOn/Snapkat 2.6 2.88gz
Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 SM-p600
MB865/ATT-ST/BMM running KITKAT 4.4.2!!!!

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