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I was reading in news about LG's new low end phone L40 which is going to be launched with kitkat version of android . Here is spec of L40 phone

the L40 has a 1.2 Ghz dual-core processor a smaller screen at 3.5-inches. It also has 4GB of internal storage, but RAM is lesser than the other two(L series phone) at 512 MB. The camera is only a 3-megapixel unit, while the battery size will vary according to markets. The two battery sizes are 1,700mAh and 1,540mAh.

And they are neglecting our P990 which has similar specifications. They should have upgraded our phone first to kitkat which was their flagship phone first.They can not say it doesn't have hardware to support it becoz they themselves are releasing kitkat on same hardware.

BTW wats the point of releasing L40 when they had already release same spec phone few years back ?
Would you buy it? I mean, seriously dude, it's about selling. They are going to make a few millions on that L40 just because it's brand new, has kitkat and has a screen size like older iPhones. If they would update the "unupdateable" Tegra2 powered, 2-3 years old 2X, then everyone would go around buying second-hand, used 2Xs for 40$ on eBay, instead of going for their new phone.
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