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Guys, today I was checking out my I have Indian dual sim Moto G XT1033 phone's display in the sunlight, like how does the display appear at various brightness in direct sunlight, etc. Then I noticed something that looked like a lens to the immediate right of the call speaker. Not just that, to the immediate right of this lens is another thing I could not figure out clearly what it was. It looked like something reflective like a small square piece of foil like material. I have attached a pic to show where in the phone it lies.

1. The usual white notification LED

(Things I noticed):
2. A lens. Immediate right to the call speaker. Could it be a hidden LED?
3. Another reflective square shaped thing I could not figure out what it was.

Now, since this lens is present in the phone, it must have some use. I did not see it in normal room light. I wonder how I had missed it. It is almost impossible to notice it in the first glance. Some people had noticed another LED in their Moto X too. So do we have some use of it in the Moto G or is it present for the sake of nothing? Can anyone else see it on their Moto G too?
I've started this thread since no one has reported this thing.
About 2 and 3 , one is Proximity Sensor and another is Ambient Light Sensor.
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