PowerBox v2 Changelog

1.Automatic Backup-
•SystemUI.apk and framework-res.apk will be automatically backed up in sdcard/mannyvinny folder. You can easily revert incase anything goes wrong while installing.
•SecContacts and SecPhone automatic backup before you apply any theme.

2.New Lockscreen effect-
•htc ringlock(made by me)

3.New themed Dialer-
•Themed Alphabetical themed(one,two,three...)
•Themed Numerical dialer
•Stock dialer added in case you want to revert

4.KitKat statusbar icons-
•KitKat statusbar icons with themed KK power menu

5.Fonts selection-
•Ubuntu fonts
•Stock fonts(only two fonts ATM,more will be added)

6.Note3 Keyboard-
•Black themed
•White themed(More coming...)

7.Call recording-
•Call recording feature mod

8. S5 icons(HOT)-
•Galaxy S5 notification icons

Note-All themes and mods are designed by me,so they may seem less to you(like Keyboard,fonts..). It takes alot of time to make those themes and mods. I really work too hard and spent countless hours on these stuff. I design them daily and work on it. So kindly do not ask for eta's please.