Cool [[Guide]] Migrating from Paranoid Android to Exposed Framework

Paranoid Android is indeed a great ROM built by a talented developers in a professional way, but if you were using it for Halo + Floatingwindow, Pie or Quick settings, Per App DPI and have grown little impatient for the PA 4.0 release with above features then probably you'll find solace with Xposed framework on Stock ROM.

These links will help you migrate from Paranoid android to Xposed Framework with Optimisations for Nexus 4,

Stock Kit Kat 4.4.2 Mako - KOT49H (Deodexed advised if you use Optimised Dalvik Cache) -

Super SU -

Optimised Dalvik and Bionic Patch for Nexus 4 -

Xposed Framework -

Gravity BOX module - (For Pie, Quicksettings, Power menu, Expanded Desktop etc).

XHaloFloatingWindow module -

[Guide for XHaloFloatingWindow with Floating Notifications] How to install and configure Halo -

Per App Dpi settings -
(Thanks Alaq for pointing out)

[Optional] Google Launcher (For Nexus 5 Like Look & Feel )-

Kernel of your choice, My personal favourite - Faux -

Screenshots :

Lock Screen :

Home Screen :

Pie :

Floating Notification :

Floating Window :

Benchmarks :

Antutu :

Nexus 4 ( Stock KOT49H : Optimised Dalvik Cache & Bionic Libs : Faux 32U @1.836 Ghz : Exposed Framework - GravityBOX, XHaloFloatingWindow : Google Launcher) | Galaxy Tab 2 3G P3100 (AOKP ) | Huawei U8160 (CM 7.2) | iPhone 5C (iOS 7.0.4) | Raspberry Pi (Raspbian : Raspbmc)