Default [Q] Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 ROM Flashing Help


I've been having significant trouble flashing multiple different ROMs on my Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (GT-P3113). What happens is every time I boot into recovery, wipe data, cache, dalvik and then proceed to flash the ROM from external storage. However, every time I try to flash a new ROM the installation is aborted. Iv tried multiple different 4.4 ROMs and a couple 4.3 ROMs with no success.

I am currently running full stock rooted (w/ CF-auto root) 4.2.2 with CWM recovery. I checked every download with its MD5 and they all matched so im fairly positive that it is not a bad download. Im not sure to what could possibly be causing the installation to be aborted, I am very familiar with Odin and flashing on Samsung devices but this issue has me stumped.

Could the CWM recovery version be causing this? Or is there a different method of flashing on the Tab 2 in comparison to other Samsung devices?

Any help is appreciated!