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My questions are these..

1) If i root it, using CF's method as i usually do..and will definately put Custom Rom in it...and that will trigger KNOX for sure..will it destroy the internals? say the MOBO..and the phone will be rendered useless and become an expensive paperweight (i dont have warranty, so no replacements)

2) If i use for e.g Omega Rom which released two versions, one, with 4.3 JB and one, with 4.4 KitKat...will i be able to go back and forth for e.g 4.4 to 4.3 as well as jumping to different custom roms with diffrent Android versions?! as i usually do with me previous devices

Thanks and i will definately delete this thread once i'm fully convinced that rooting , putting roms should be avoided or ''Since you dont care about tripping knox, go ahead and do it as ur previous devices'' kinda answer..

Truly Sorry if you guys come across this question already..i've searched for it and come to no avail.. this is my last resort. Thnks XDA and everyone.
Firstly wrong section - should go to Q&A

1) -- Well you can mess up if you don't follow the right methods (not hard)

2) you can only be on one, if you use 4.3 BL you can't use 4.4 and vice versa... once you go to 4.4 you cannot downgrade back to 4.3 unless you have an N900w8

Generally, rooting/custom ROM's won't hurt your device, just make sure you have the right ROM/Kernel and make the proper backups if needed.

Disable Reactivation Lock, and read about backing up your EFS and how to get out of it if it goes mad (which it sometimes does at random)
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