Default [Q] LG Optimus L9 Won't Allow Access to Internal Memory Using File Manager

My carrier is MetroPCS. Since this phone only has 1.8GB of internal memory, I have a 16GB microSDHC card for external storage, but I can't move anything from sdcard0 to my external sd card in File Manager because nothing shows up on sdcard0. I want to move my pictures from sdcard0 to my external sd card, but nothing shows up under the "pictures" folder in sdcard0. [B]I can't just make my storage option the SD card because when I do that, it's still saving on the internal memory, because apparently the phone thinks that sdcard0 is the SD card. So I need a way to change the storage option to my external card or a way to uncover these files that are hidden somehow.

I'm operating on Jellybean 4.1.2 and 3.0.31 kernel.