Info CyanFox Rom for lg e970

Hi guys,
there is a cyanogen variant called the cyanfox-rom, which is also available for the e970. you can download here:
I have been using CM11 till the latest 18 feb nightly. I did a dirty flash with only cache and dalwick cleaning, using the latest cyanfox nightly. It worked spot-on. I have no issues so far, data, bluetooth, sound, double tap to sleep all working as normal.

Do check it out if you are inclined to adventure into various variants of standard roms like the CM, AOSP and AOKP.

Hope you all like this as I did.

LG Optimus G E970 current
ROM- PAC ROM nightly currently 20/03/14
Baseband: BM9615A-CEFWMAZM-3.0.10690
KERNEL: 3.4.0 CM+

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