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Ok so I had have a tmo note 3, and I've been hearing a lot of stuff about how the kk boot loader is secure now, but I'm not finding a lot of concrete explanations for how this will effect root, custom recovery, etc. So could someone please explain all the details to me, because no matter how much I search about the new kk bootloader , I didn't really find any details, so could someone please just explain whats going on with the kk bootloader and how this will affect root?

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We don't have kit kat so we don't know jack yet.
simple as that .

It is said tho that kit kat patch the way root was done on 4.3
With that being said. A ota update may block root and custom roms.

Not the first time this has happen with a phone tho.
if im wrong tell me. I'd ratter be correct then live life being mislead.
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