Unhappy [Q] Kindle Fire is stuck in Logo after reinstalling TWRP

Hello, everyone!

Yesterday I tried to flash CM10 in my kindle fire (already running CM9).

I followed the Cyanogen Mod site (wiki.cyanogenmod.org/w/Install_CM_for_otter) instructions.

I downloaded Kindle fire utility 0.9.9 (from CM site), and started the process of updating TWRP. At some point of the installation, KFU rebooted my device in fastboot mode, and kept waiting an awnser from Kindle.

It was taking a bit too long, so I restarted the tablet. Now it keeps on the "Kindle Fire" screen forever, and don't respond to ADB anymore (the "adb device" command don't return anything).

I believe it is not bricked yet, because when we connect it to the PC, it does that connection sound. However, I can't reach it with ADB anymore.

Can Anyone give me an advice for this situation?

Thanks a lot !!