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I've seen conjecture that the 12.2 should be great for reading comic books, but has anyone done so? If so, can you relate the 12.2 comic reading to the 10.1 experience? Have had a Toshiba Thrive for nearly 3 years but time to upgrade. Comic book reading (especially getting an entire page on the screen at one time with large enough text to read it) is important to new purchase. Thanks for feedback.
Yes, actually I got one two days ago and I'm still wondering if I keep it or not (don't really need a tab). One of the things I did meanwhile was reading comics. I read several of The Walking Dead comics using the free version of ComicRack, holding the tab vertically. This was one of the few things so far where my 5.5" Note 2 really didn't com close to being useful.

The size is just perfect, very crisp image, really good. You can read the whole page perfectly, using 100% of the screen. I used the volume up/down buttons to skip pages so almost didn't have to move at all.

The only problem is that it is a bit heavy to hold that way, but I guess even a 10 tablet would be, or an 8. None is as comfy a a book. Still, the reading experience itself is excellent.
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