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Nothing 'big', but;
Yesterday I flashed a new ROM and everything went fine. I tried to turn on my WiFi and it didn't want to turn on. It just turned off automatically without even scanning. I cleared data, factory reset, nothing. Fortunately I had a CWM backup so I just restored it.
Today I tried the same thing with a completely different ROM. Same thing happened. I decided to root my phone and I did it. Suddenly, the WiFi turned on like normal after rooting.

I am trying to flash a new ROM so I can have OTA updates back, but without WiFi, that ain't possible. Anyone had the same problem?

Press THANKS if I helped!
Your modem does not update when u flash a new rom that is why u don`t have Wifi
Flash more times SAME rom until baseband gets updated and u will have your wifi back ^^
Phone: GT-I9192 Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Duos
ROM: Stock 4.4.2 PDA: I9192DDUCNH1 / CSC: I9192ROMCNG2 / MODEM: I9192DDUCNH1
Kernel: Custom
Recovery: Stock / Twrp