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Hi all,

Main thread for this project here

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Use m2d manager with Tasker App
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I'm working on a project to send commands between 2 devices in order to use one of them as an auxiliary gadget called My Second Device.

However I think that Omate truesmart could be a good auxiliary device for this test.

If you can test the App continue reading...

- m2d manager is the App that connects 2 devices over bluetooth and send and receive messages from one device to the other. It's a service that must be running always.

To give functionality to m2d manager there are, right now, 2 Apps relate to notifications.

- First one is Voice for Notifications Android 4.1+

- Second one is an App that receive notifications and shows you as a list with the notification content.

I don't have a truemate yet and that's why I can test if this works ok on truemate, but I've done test with other mobiles and galaxy gear as well.

If you can test it, make this:

- Install m2d manager
- Be sure you have your mobile and truesmart paired
- Run m2m manager in both devices
- Select the paired device and press Connect.
- Wait to see is both devices are connected

If so:

- Install Voice for notifications (Android 4.1+) on your mobile. More later go to settings and quit voice if you don't want it.
- Install m2m Notifications receiver on your watch

Tell me if this is working for you!




Voice for Notifications (Android 4.1+)

Media Remote



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