Thumbs up [Q] OmniROM on TF201 ?

Hi all,

I monitor a lot OmniROM changelist on gerrit as i've two devices that are officially supported. As of today, I saw this entry :

wifimacwriter: Support TF201, TF300T[GL] and ME301T

For TF201 and TF300T[GL] use the same settings as for TF300T.
Thanks to hardslog for providing the ME301T values.

Confirmed to work on TF201 and TF300TG.
TF300TL is a (hopefully) intelligent guess.

Change-Id: I82876403a6b49eebcba98c4bbb1a28a11a58b4ab
Does anybody knows what BL it requires to work, and maybe someone already took part of the tests ?
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