Question [Q] Rooting 4.4.2 Unlocked Bootloader

This might be crystal clear for most of you, but I will ask this to avoid any unwanted scenarios. Coming from a SGS2, I flashed almost anything without worrying, but I see lots of people bricking their phones here, so I'd like to be on the safe side with this.

How do I root my Moto X with 4.4.2 and unlocked bootloader?

I've read a couple of articles, where they casually mention to flash TWRP, and then SuperSu, and that's it. I can't find a TWRP 4.4.2, only 4.4. Will that work?
I'm also reading the "The Complete Moto X Guides/Information Thread", where under "Unlocked bootloader" there are some instructions, which seem a bit... complicated. Should I follow those?

Thanks guys!
GS2 i9100 - CM10.1.3
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