Default [4.2.2][MIUIv5 4.3.7] Galaxy S4 i9505 [International LTE]

// Galaxy S4 International LTE jfltexx
// Android 4.2.2
// Current Version [ 4.3.7 ]
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MIUIv5 4.3.7 Download
3-10-2014: MIUI v5 4.3.7

- Everything should be good
- MIUI Software camera
*NFC has been disabled in this release although by adding your NFC APK it can prob. be re-enabled.
I don't know enough about your NFC situation to make a call yet with this so I'm going the safe route to ensure stability

MIUI General FAQ

Q: How do I root this?
A: Enable root in the perm manager, which can be found in the security folder.

Q: Why is G-Apps not listed for Download?
A: Too Bloaty, add a Google account and install the play store as an APK, I suggest using Aptoide to find it.

Q: 4G LTE isn't working
A: Load the Phone, dial *#*#4636#*#*, goto Phone information, Set preferred network type to LTE/CDMA auto (PRL).

Q: Help! Phone/SystemUI/Keyboard Isn't working/Is Force Closing!
A: Make sure to do a completely clean wipe, also I'm not sure how well this will work if flashed in CWM.

Q: The Browser looks terrible.
A: Settings -> Advanced -> User agent string -> MiOne (It Renders much better & more naturally!)

Q: My Filesystems won't mount/My PC can't see my device/My phone won't act as a MTP/USB Mounting isn't working!
A: Settings -> Developer Options -> Enable Development / USB Debugging (switch both to on)