Default Trident Aegis

Just got one of these... pretty impressed.

I have had 4 cases so far (had a half dozen or so for my Nexus 4; none I was happy with) with my Moto X:

Otterbox Commuter: Too hard to take on/off, lousy buttons, slippery.

Amzer Pudding: Meh, buttons not so good.

Incipio Dual Pro: Love it.

Trident Aegis: This is one pretty beefy piece of silicone. While the plastic out piece is not as grippy as the almost candle wax feel of the Dual Pro, it has a better texture than the Commuter, and enough silicone in the middle and corners (with a nice little ear) to make the phone quite grippy, without it sticking to your pocket.
Not quite as easily put on/off as the Dual Pro, but much easier than the Commuter due to no outer hard shell going over the buttons.

Buttons feel just as positive as the Dual Pro. This is definitely my case for the golf course, hiking, and anywhere else I think it may get knocked around.