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For the rest, at the beginning I would say to get used to your new nexus 5. Mostly if you want to "customize" your phone the root will be necessary at some point. With a custom launcher (Nova, Apex for example) you can change the look of the icones on homescreen/app drawer, change the number of homescreens, change the number of rows/columns but if you want more (full theme) you'll need root (Xposed Framework with Xposed modules for example that allows almost 100% customization for example, custom roms, etc...).

Root allows access at the files system (in short) so you can modify a bunch of things..., without root about theming you'll be limited.

To read:

[HOW-TO] The Nexus 5 All-In-One Beginner's Guide.

[GUIDE] Nexus 5 - How to Unlock Bootloader, Install Custom Recovery and Root.

It depends of what you want exactly...