Default [ROM][Unofficial/Experimental][Android 4.4] CyanogenMod 11.0 for SGS4A (int'l)


This thread started as a discussion for development of a working CM11.0 / KitKat build for GT-I9295 / S4 Active International. At first, with assistance from a CM dev who wishes to remain unnamed and does not want involvement with this, a build was produced for this device, based on work previously done by LeJay on CM10.2. Unfortunately, I have not been able to contact LeJay, which is the primary motivation for starting this thread. Since then, and in a short space of time, xda user @spegelius, has managed to progress this to a fully functional build, which some users are already using as a daily driver.


1. Install CWM recovery from here
2. Download the latest build Credit: spegelius:
3. Download CM11.0 gapps from here
4. Boot into recovery by holding the Volume Up button as the phone is booting.
5. Back up your current ROM inside CWM recovery.
6. Flash CyanogenMod ROM to your device using CWM recovery.
7. Flash Google Applications to your device using CWM recovery.
8. Do a wipe data/factory reset from within CWM recovery.
9. Reboot system.

Known Issues:

1. USB tethering doesn't seem to be working at the moment.
2. Report them, I'll try to add confirmed issues here, I may need some prompting.

Build from source:

Please consult this guide for setting up CyanogenMod for compile.
Please use
repo init -u git:// -b cm-11.0
when you initialize the CyanogenMod repository so you get the source for CM-11.0.
Download roomservice.xml (*Updated* - Thanks spegelius) and put in ~/android/system/.repo/local_manifests/.
Run 'repo sync' and compile with 'brunch jactivelte'. Proprietary files included with roomservice.xml

This is pretty much a word for word ripoff of LeJay's cm 10.2 post. This is where one would say something like, I take no responsibility if your device explodes, catches fire, invades a foreign nation, causes your cat to get run over by a car, etc.

Thanks goes to LeJay for being pretty much the sole reason a thread was created for this device on XDA, and in turn the people he gave thanks to, primarily the CM team. Additional thanks, of course, goes to spegelius, for running with this thread, and creating something that actually works.