Default [Q] Nvflash/staging question

Have lost my boot menu/fastboot access & appears to be bootloader related. Currently only have access to APX, ADB, & TWRP. Have tried numerous times to
flash the v9.4.3.30 blob.EBT (using the "nvflash -r download 5 blob.EBT" command) but doesn't appear to be taking (WW SKU displayed matches one from AndroidRoot,
not the US SKU from the blob I'm trying to flash). Also downgraded to v9.4.3.17 as a test and all but the bootloader were updated. Same - has a US SKU, but still a
WW bootloader displays...

Without fastboot, can I use "nvflash -r --download 13 blob.EBT" to get it into staging, reboot and hope it takes? And to make sure staging is clear, is there any problem
doing a format_partition (within nvflash) on it?

Is there a better way that might get it flashed correctly? Would adb work (dd if=/sdcard/blob.ebt of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p4) or would I need to have the entire blob as
the input file?

One last resort would be to try flashing the bricksafe.img. Sure wish I knew why I have the nvflash backup files saved in triplicate. Not very useful when I don't know how to use
them to get me back to SOP

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LG G3 D851 (T-Mobile) running stock Kitkat v4.4.2, rooted w/TWRP v2.7.1.3
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition (SM-P600 ZKVXAR), 32GB, v4.3 unrooted/locked (soon to be rooted!)