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CarbonRom for bravo unofficial v1.0 - 147.97 MB

Mirror (mediafire)

New in v1.0:
- Sync with CarbonDev on 2014-09-13
- Trackball wake working
- Add back old Torch with high brightness

Known issues:
- Initially 'Long press home key' does nothing (you have to go to Settings / Carbon Fibers / Buttons and 'Enable custom actions' -> configure home with 'Recents')
- If your battery falsely shows 0% and causes your phone to shut down, then boot into recovery and wipe battery stats when 100% charged
Get slim gapps package 10 - 43.39 MB

Installation Notes:
1) Backup your current rom
2) Full wipe and then flash rom
3) Wipe battery stats
4) From recovery install the slim gapps package
5) Reboot and let the rom settle down
6) Enable A2SD

Todo list:
- Try to add back HOVER
- Fix up issue which indicates a wrong battery charge (0%) at initial rom startup

Curious about the CPU governors?
Then you should have a look at CPU governors explained.

Old version(s):

CarbonRom for bravo unofficial v0.9

New in v0.9:
- Welcome to Android 4.4.4 release 2 (KTU84Q)
- Sync with CarbonDev on 2014-08-03

Device specific changes:
- Fix an issue causing battery drain:
- ART included: you may want to enable it from Developer Settings -- be careful and first install a2sd (y/n/y)
- Stability improvements:
-- Utopian Kernel: max. 1.113 GHz (still runs fast, snappy & stable)
-- Back to android-eabi v4.7 for compiling android

CarbonRom for bravo unofficial v0.8 (mediafire)
CarbonRom for bravo unofficial v0.8 (Dev-Host)

New in v0.8:
- Welcome to Android 4.4.3 release 1 (KTU84M)
- HOVER (thanks PA)
- PEEk (Moved to CarbonFibers>Lockscreen>General)
- New CM Theme Manager
- Newly designed Torch app (CM)
- Added new 4.4.3 dialer (compatible with Dark Carbon)
- Added a compass quick tile
- Added ability to activate lockscreen torch by long pressing
-- Removed double-tap and long press to avoid conflicts with double-tap statusbar to sleep feature
- and various stability fixes and improvements

Device specific changes:
- ART included: you may want to enable it from Developer Settings -- be careful and first install a2sd (y/n/y)
- Performance improvements:
-- Kernel: set the lowest CPU frequency to 200MHz (should reduce wakeup delays)
-- Kernel: use extended frequency table up to 1.5GHz (now stable and ready to be used in Carbon!)
-- Used Linaro toolchain v4.9 to compile kernel (same GCC as they use in Evervolv nightlies)
-- Used Linaro toolchain v4.8 to compile android
- Nickleby's fix for USB tethering on legacy devices like Bravo
- Fixed FC in MMS/SMS App
- Added telephony/ring tweaks (reduce delays)
- Developer settings: Set 'Animation scale' defaults to 75% / Set 'Force GPU Rendering' per default to enabled

Not working any longer in v0.8:
- Trackball wake
- Initially 'Long press home key' does nothing (you have to go to Settings / Carbon Fibers / Buttons and 'Enable custom actions' -> configure home with 'Recents')

CarbonRom for bravo unofficial v0.75

md5 23d546aa9e3a541d17339da53e71b940

New in v0.75:
1) Performance improvements
- v0.75: Revert to decent kernel version with SmartassH3 governor and default frequency table
- Use Sabermod 4.10 GCC Toolchain to compile kernel (feels more snappy)
- Use the same bionic optimization as in @Chromium's Beanstalk (credits to AndroidRul3z)
2) Official improvements (sync with CarbonDev repo 14/05/09):
- SlimRecents app view
- OmniSwitch app
- Lots of small improvements in Performance Control, CM11 Thememanager, Downloadtool, etc.
3) Added back stock Mms.apk (theme issues were reported for MMS Dark Holo)

Gapps for 4.4.2:
Slim Gapps package - md5 404e203573e5fbe1275308a5b6cd2655 - Size: 39mb

CarbonRom for bravo unofficial v0.6

md5 7c0af6c4e6ccc8b6895163010597f21d

New in v0.6:
1) Switched kernel to a more decent variant:
-- CPU governors: SmartassH3, SmartassV2, Smartass, SavagedZen, Lagfree, Lazy, InteractiveX, Interactive, Conservative, Userspace, OnDemand, Powersave, Performance
-- Default frequency table (245MHz - 1113 MHz)
-- SD Read Ahead: 2048KB
2) Official improvements (sync with CarbonDev repo 14/04/29):
-- Added CM’s new Theme Manager
-- Added Power Menu Quick Tile
-- Added Gesture Lockscreen
-- Added Omni Performance Control
-- Added Battery Saver Mode
-- Added ability to pause/resume downloads
-- Fix text messages not being received due to blacklist bug
-- Fix long-press on Network Mode Quick Tile
-- Fix Dialer/Phone background color being white when using Dark Carbon
3) Unofficial improvements (cherry-picked from Gerrit and working)
-- Audio Themes Support
-- Add OmniSwitch
-- Add SlimRecents app view
-- Add Theme Switcher tile
-- Circular Memory indicator for recents panel
4) Replaced MMS app with MMS Dark Holo (thanks @hello00)

CarbonRom for bravo unofficial v0.5

md5 ba2f81e9809470b457202a22796787d2

New in v0.5:
- New kernel patch: "Carbonized-Kernel-0.5" which is mainly based on Evervolv's qsd8k and has a good selection of tweaks (kudos @croniccorey and @EViollet):
-- BFS (Brain F*ck Scheduler)
-- HAVS (Hybrid Adaptive Voltage Scaling; dynamically changes the phones voltage; should use up less battery)
-- Lots of different CPU governors (Lazy [thanks @Ezekeel], Lagfree, Smartass, InteractiveX, etc.)
-- Default CPU gov is SmartassV2 which is said to offer a great balance between performance and battery life
-- Extended CPU freq table: Min. CPU freq: 175MHz; Max. CPU freq: 1500MHz (!)
-- Read ahead 2048Kb
- A2SD finally works (thanks @Titioz)

CarbonRom for bravo unofficial v0.45 (New Adreno libs)

md5 891f64f54fb5dd66aaca456a175f22be

New in v0.45:
- Add the latest Adreno libs from AU_LINUX_ANDROID_JB_VANILLA_04. (build date: 2013/04/11)
- Run Carbon's Squisher/Opticharger at build-time (Optimized size of apk's)
- Add back original versions of Dialer and Mms

CarbonRom for bravo unofficial v0.4

md5 1e663571c32f7ee0f55015eb9d89d718

New in v0.4:
- ActiveDisplay
- Lots of improvements (you may have a look into my repo)
- Fixed "SIM card added" issue which was annoying at (almost) every boot
- Disabled menu key in LockScreen to prevent device unlocking without your consent
- Improved device responsiveness due to compiling with more recent toolchain/ GCC 4.8 (before was 4.7)
- Optmized rom space by adding slim versions of the following apps: AOSP Keyboard, Dialer, Mms

CarbonRom for bravo unofficial v0.3

md5 a7fefd520b216dc0f76b6e3674bd955a

New in v0.3:
- Significantly increased performance and responsiveness
- Missing Dialer.apk added back
- Fix for wifi tethering by downgrading hotspot libs (thanks to @kakofonija)
- Fixed gesture typing
- Static Carbon wallpaper set as default (Blueballs was too greddy)
- Slim's New Power Menu
- Torch added to quick settings and quick access ribbon
- Replaced AOSP Keyboard with Google Keyboard
- Invited a few companions of Trebuchet: Nova Launcher, Holo Launcher HD
- GApps no longer built in, now available as a separate package

CarbonRom for bravo unofficial v0.2

md5 6e287727fea8eb785bfe376694453222

New in v0.2:

- Removed swap2int from init.d for increased internal memory
- Fix for gesture typing
- Fix for wifi tethering (thanks to @kakofonija)
- Updated a few google apps (camera, dialer, email, keyboard, exchange services, play services)
- Added Nova launcher for greater performance

CarbonRom for bravo unofficial v0.1

md5 b1995da7acc42657414df3e662ec9142
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