CarbonRom for bravo unofficial v0.9

New in v0.9:
- Welcome to Android 4.4.4 release 2 (KTU84Q)
- Sync with CarbonDev on 2014-08-03

Device specific changes:
- Fix an issue causing battery drain:
- ART included: you may want to enable it from Developer Settings -- be careful and first install a2sd (y/n/y)
- Stability improvements:
-- Utopian Kernel: max. 1.113 GHz (still runs fast, snappy & stable)
-- Back to android-eabi v4.7 for compiling android

Get slim gapps package 9

Installation Notes:
1) Flash rom
2) From recovery install the slim gapps package
3) Reboot and let the rom settle down
4) Enable A2SD

Curious about the CPU governors?
Then you should have a look at CPU governors explained.

Old version(s):

CarbonRom for bravo unofficial v0.8 (mediafire)
CarbonRom for bravo unofficial v0.8 (Dev-Host)

New in v0.8:
- Welcome to Android 4.4.3 release 1 (KTU84M)
- HOVER (thanks PA)
- PEEk (Moved to CarbonFibers>Lockscreen>General)
- New CM Theme Manager
- Newly designed Torch app (CM)
- Added new 4.4.3 dialer (compatible with Dark Carbon)
- Added a compass quick tile
- Added ability to activate lockscreen torch by long pressing
-- Removed double-tap and long press to avoid conflicts with double-tap statusbar to sleep feature
- and various stability fixes and improvements

Device specific changes:
- ART included: you may want to enable it from Developer Settings -- be careful and first install a2sd (y/n/y)
- Performance improvements:
-- Kernel: set the lowest CPU frequency to 200MHz (should reduce wakeup delays)
-- Kernel: use extended frequency table up to 1.5GHz (now stable and ready to be used in Carbon!)
-- Used Linaro toolchain v4.9 to compile kernel (same GCC as they use in Evervolv nightlies)
-- Used Linaro toolchain v4.8 to compile android
- Nickleby's fix for USB tethering on legacy devices like Bravo
- Fixed FC in MMS/SMS App
- Added telephony/ring tweaks (reduce delays)
- Developer settings: Set 'Animation scale' defaults to 75% / Set 'Force GPU Rendering' per default to enabled

Not working any longer in v0.8:
- Trackball wake
- Initially 'Long press home key' does nothing (you have to go to Settings / Carbon Fibers / Buttons and 'Enable custom actions' -> configure home with 'Recents')

CarbonRom for bravo unofficial v0.75

md5 23d546aa9e3a541d17339da53e71b940

New in v0.75:
1) Performance improvements
- v0.75: Revert to decent kernel version with SmartassH3 governor and default frequency table
- Use Sabermod 4.10 GCC Toolchain to compile kernel (feels more snappy)
- Use the same bionic optimization as in @Chromium's Beanstalk (credits to AndroidRul3z)
2) Official improvements (sync with CarbonDev repo 14/05/09):
- SlimRecents app view
- OmniSwitch app
- Lots of small improvements in Performance Control, CM11 Thememanager, Downloadtool, etc.
3) Added back stock Mms.apk (theme issues were reported for MMS Dark Holo)

Gapps for 4.4.2:
Slim Gapps package - md5 404e203573e5fbe1275308a5b6cd2655 - Size: 39mb

CarbonRom for bravo unofficial v0.6

md5 7c0af6c4e6ccc8b6895163010597f21d

New in v0.6:
1) Switched kernel to a more decent variant:
-- CPU governors: SmartassH3, SmartassV2, Smartass, SavagedZen, Lagfree, Lazy, InteractiveX, Interactive, Conservative, Userspace, OnDemand, Powersave, Performance
-- Default frequency table (245MHz - 1113 MHz)
-- SD Read Ahead: 2048KB
2) Official improvements (sync with CarbonDev repo 14/04/29):
-- Added CM’s new Theme Manager
-- Added Power Menu Quick Tile
-- Added Gesture Lockscreen
-- Added Omni Performance Control
-- Added Battery Saver Mode
-- Added ability to pause/resume downloads
-- Fix text messages not being received due to blacklist bug
-- Fix long-press on Network Mode Quick Tile
-- Fix Dialer/Phone background color being white when using Dark Carbon
3) Unofficial improvements (cherry-picked from Gerrit and working)
-- Audio Themes Support
-- Add OmniSwitch
-- Add SlimRecents app view
-- Add Theme Switcher tile
-- Circular Memory indicator for recents panel
4) Replaced MMS app with MMS Dark Holo (thanks @hello00)

CarbonRom for bravo unofficial v0.5

md5 ba2f81e9809470b457202a22796787d2

New in v0.5:
- New kernel patch: "Carbonized-Kernel-0.5" which is mainly based on Evervolv's qsd8k and has a good selection of tweaks (kudos @croniccorey and @EViollet):
-- BFS (Brain F*ck Scheduler)
-- HAVS (Hybrid Adaptive Voltage Scaling; dynamically changes the phones voltage; should use up less battery)
-- Lots of different CPU governors (Lazy [thanks @Ezekeel], Lagfree, Smartass, InteractiveX, etc.)
-- Default CPU gov is SmartassV2 which is said to offer a great balance between performance and battery life
-- Extended CPU freq table: Min. CPU freq: 175MHz; Max. CPU freq: 1500MHz (!)
-- Read ahead 2048Kb
- A2SD finally works (thanks @Titioz)

CarbonRom for bravo unofficial v0.45 (New Adreno libs)

md5 891f64f54fb5dd66aaca456a175f22be

New in v0.45:
- Add the latest Adreno libs from AU_LINUX_ANDROID_JB_VANILLA_04. (build date: 2013/04/11)
- Run Carbon's Squisher/Opticharger at build-time (Optimized size of apk's)
- Add back original versions of Dialer and Mms

CarbonRom for bravo unofficial v0.4

md5 1e663571c32f7ee0f55015eb9d89d718

New in v0.4:
- ActiveDisplay
- Lots of improvements (you may have a look into my repo)
- Fixed "SIM card added" issue which was annoying at (almost) every boot
- Disabled menu key in LockScreen to prevent device unlocking without your consent
- Improved device responsiveness due to compiling with more recent toolchain/ GCC 4.8 (before was 4.7)
- Optmized rom space by adding slim versions of the following apps: AOSP Keyboard, Dialer, Mms

CarbonRom for bravo unofficial v0.3

md5 a7fefd520b216dc0f76b6e3674bd955a

New in v0.3:
- Significantly increased performance and responsiveness
- Missing Dialer.apk added back
- Fix for wifi tethering by downgrading hotspot libs (thanks to @kakofonija)
- Fixed gesture typing
- Static Carbon wallpaper set as default (Blueballs was too greddy)
- Slim's New Power Menu
- Torch added to quick settings and quick access ribbon
- Replaced AOSP Keyboard with Google Keyboard
- Invited a few companions of Trebuchet: Nova Launcher, Holo Launcher HD
- GApps no longer built in, now available as a separate package

CarbonRom for bravo unofficial v0.2

md5 6e287727fea8eb785bfe376694453222

New in v0.2:

- Removed swap2int from init.d for increased internal memory
- Fix for gesture typing
- Fix for wifi tethering (thanks to @kakofonija)
- Updated a few google apps (camera, dialer, email, keyboard, exchange services, play services)
- Added Nova launcher for greater performance

CarbonRom for bravo unofficial v0.1

md5 b1995da7acc42657414df3e662ec9142
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