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Hey guys i know there are many threads that explain u about the beginning things and blah blah stuff for Moto G. So whats different about this thread?? Well not much but this is a collection of the threads around xda and outside xda to help u get a good kickstart ur Moto G's development. I am using the Indian Version of Moto G (XT1033) but these i suppose will work for any version.

Unlocking your Bootloader

Credits to matmutant!!


Motorola gives u the option to unlock the Bootloader on itz website. No need of hardships here. Just go to this thread to do it. (They say it voids the warranty of the phone am not sure about that). Yet there is a way to relock your bootloader you can find that in the same thread in 5th point. To boot into bootloader first power down your phone and then click the VOL DOWN + POWER button for 5-7 seconds. In the Bootloader the VOL DOWN button is to move around and VOL UP is to enter the selected menu. The POWER button is to exit the Bootloader.

Rooting (JB/KK)

Credits to google!!


Download and copy the files to the root of your SD card. Boot into Bootloader. Now navigate and select Recovery. Wait for a minute till it boots into recovery. Now select "Install Zip from SD card" or any option similar. Select the zip and wait. After Install gets completed, select "Reboot system now" and when it asks for a fixing the root, select "yes". You will now be able to see the SuperSu app when your Moto G boots.

Flashing Custom Recovery (CWM/TWRP/PHILZ)

Credits to a1Pha & Phil3759!!


Our device has 3 types of recovery. It is upto you to decide whichever you want. But ultimately all recoveries are for the same purpose and flashing method is same except that the file changes. So decide your recovery mode headover to these thread and download the latest versions:

1.CWM Advanced Recovery(PHILZ)
2.CWM Recovery
3.TWRP Recovery

The first two are non-touch based whereas the third is touch-based. Download the latest recovery of your choice, rename it to "recovery.img" and copy it to the adb&fastboot folder. Boot the device into Bootloader and now type this:
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
Thatz it go into recovery and u will notice the changes!!

Returning to Stock firmware

Credits to a1Pha & Perseus71!!

For various reasons you may want to go back to the stock 4.3 firmware or even the 4.4 stock firmware to do this simple go here or if your carrier is not listed there go here and search it out. If you are unsure of your variant here is the list of it:

XT1028: Verizon US CDMA - 8GB/16GB
XT1031: Boost US CDMA - 8GB/16GB
XT1032: EU/Global GSM/GPe - 8GB/16GB. (GPe = Google Play edition) 
XT1033: Brazil - 8GB/16GB (Colors Edition) (Dual Sim) + Moto G (Music edition) (Dual Sim) (16GB Only)
XT1034: US GSM - 8GB/16GB.

Fix Unlocked Bootloader Warning

Credits to Orphee!!

It is annoying to see that Unlocked Bootloader warning everytime it boots. Thanks to Orphee we have a fix. Actually there are a lot of logos but this is the one i like and the proceedure will be the same for all logos. Just head over to the thread download the attachment unzip it and copy it to the fastboot folder. Now boot into Bootloader and type this:
fastboot flash logo logo.bin
You are bound to get a success message now reboot and see the change.


You can also checkout this thread. The tool there allows you to easily do a lot of stuff without having to type any code. This tool is only valid after you unlock your Bootloader.