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Dear experts .

I got tired reading and trying everything I found to S-off my sprint HTC one
I have 2 HTC one phone by sprint , 1st one I was able to root then s-off then downgrade
To 4.2.1. Then simunlock

On the 2nd phone it's impossible to get it s-off
I rooted the phone and checked with root checker
Says. Rooted
But when try to SIM unlock using terminal emulator or sprint
Unlock helper it's crashes and give me BEN error before even attemp
To SIM unlock menu

I tried over 12 hours , didn't sleep to S-off this phone to downgrade
Without success keep saying pouring for 8times but never completed

Pls pls help to downgrade or sum unlock my 3.4 device or s- off
I got tired reading and trying
please explain more, you are trying to S-OFF then SIMUNLOCK? or s off? if your trying to s off, you need to make sure you have EVERYTHING THAT IS RELATED OR CONNECTED WITH ANTI-VIRUS,FIREWALL, OR ANYTHING TO THAT EFFECT TURNED OFF... or else it will not work.

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