Default [Q] Which custom kernel works with StickMount?

Hi there,

I had tried few different kernel and non of them givies me the OTG mount through stickmount. The StickMount just said it was mounted at /storage/usbStorage/sda1, but when use the file manager to check, the folder wasn't appeared. I'm sure the USB thumbdrive works and the cable as well as in TWRP, I could mount it and even make backup there too.

Anyone could shine some good advice for me?

Current setup:

ROM: Cataclyms
Kernel: n3oHammer_AOSP_V20_cpuquiet

Other testing setup:

ROM: OMNI nightly
Kernel: n3oHammer_AOSP_V20_cpuquiet and some other kernels too.

Current Phone:
- Nexus 5 rooted running OmniROM + Linaro r34t2

Standby Phone:
- Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 3G version (P6800) running OmniROM.

Fully retired Phone:
- Google Nexus One loaded with CM7.2 RC2
- Siemens S and SL series of phones.